Jerusalem Cornerstone


Express your connection to Jerusalem by crafting your own piece of artwork to hang as your cornerstone. Inspire your children, students or campers to create their own Jerusalem stone or depiction of our capital city and celebrate their connection in an artistic way.


This project was created to give you a great way to celebrate Jerusalem both on the anniversary of the reunification of the city in 1967 and ALL year round

We encourage you to reflect with your students upon Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold) and what this beautiful city means to YOU, as well as to the generations that came before us. Your Jerusalem Cornerstone can be as detailed or as simple as you’d like. You are the artist, and this is your expression of love, connection and commitment to the future of Jerusalem, Tzion and Am Yisrael.


Jerusalem Mosaic • Paper Mache Jerusalem Stone • Painting of Jerusalem • Collage • Sand Painting


  • Poster board, cardboard, or paper of any size cut into rectangular shape
  • Drawing materials: pencils, markers, crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, etc
  • Paper collage materials (if desired) - tissue paper, magazine pictures of Jerusalem, your own pictorial images of Jerusalem, etc. scissors, glue
  • Stencils - shapes, numbers and/or English or Hebrew Letters
  • Anything else that you would like to add to your own personal cornerstone art work ie: yarn, glitter, beads, sequence, glitter glue, metallic gold paper, etc
  • Paints in various colors and the appropriate painting supplies ie: bowls for paint distribution, water buckets, paper towels, paintbrushes in various sizes, etc.
  • List of quotes (text version) on Jerusalem to be painted onto a stone


  • Briefly discuss with your students/campers the history of the reunification of Jerusalem, taking care to keep your discussion age-appropriate.
  • Show a sample of what a Jerusalem cornerstone is and what they can look like
  • Peruse some of the quotes we have listed for your reference above and reflect upon what Jerusalem means to YOU as an individual.
  • Select a quote that touches your heart, or write your own from your heart.
  • Write your quote onto your Cornerstone
  • Design Your Own Jerusalem Cornerstone with artwork that reflects upon the importance of Jerusalem and the 50th anniversary of her reunification


  • Cut your paper to any size rectangle you’d like.
  • Use a pencil to lightly sketch your quote and artistic design
  • Jerusalem stone has a beautiful array of colors that range from beige, pink, gold, and tawny brown. If you want your Cornerstone to look like a piece of Jerusalem stone, then you will need to sponge paint the background of your stone before working on the rest of your design.
  1. To mix your paint, mix brown and white paint to get the color of your liking.
  2. You can add a touch of yellow to give it a golden look
  3. Or your can add a touch of pink (red and white paint make pink)
  4. Use sponges to apply the paint to the background of your rectangular Cornerstone.
  5. Let dry.
  • Once dried, paint your quote with a paintbrush with thin bristles so you can control it for your lettering and designing of your symbols and artwork. If you find that painting letters is too difficult, you may find it easier to use calligraphy markers on paper to write your special quote about Jerusalem. Then you can glue down your quote on top of your painted background giving it a 3-dimensional paper collage look - either letter by letter, word by word, or the entire phrase. Just remember to properly cite who stated the quote in small letters - even if it was yourself!
  • Add embellishments if you’d like!

    You can decorate your Jerusalem Cornerstone with anything you’d like! Whatever makes you think of Jerusalem: a Magen David (Star of David), A Chamsah, a picture or drawing of the Kotel (Western Wall) with some green patches poking out in random places (crinkled up tissue paper work really well for this!), the Israeli flag, a drawing of your favorite building ie: the Israel museum or the Windmill, etc... Sports lovers can feel free to put Beitar Yerushalayim sports logo on their Cornerstones or anything else that comes to their imagination. **There are no mistakes in art! So you can create your Jerusalem Cornerstone however you’d like with whatever materials you would like to use!

This is just a sample idea to help get your creative juices flowing! If you have questions, thoughts or ideas to share, please EMAIL US for guidance or advice. We are here to help inspire your creativity in any way we can!

Now it’s time to get your creative juices flowing and create your cornerstone today!