Jerusalem Cornerstone

Yerushalayim Micrography

Tags: Jerusalem, Zionism, Activities, Education

Micrography is a fun way for you to combine words and images that remind you of Jerusalem, our holy city and capital of our nation, center of our hearts.


This Jerusalem Micrography art activity is a way to create your own Jerusalem Cornerstone. Combining words and painting you can create a unique piece of artwork that can serve as a symbolic reminder of the unbreaka

It makes a great conversation piece with friends and family and is an important lesson to transmit to the next generation - that no matter where we live in the world, Jerusalem is heart of the People of Israel.

This project can be done with people of all ages. For younger children, teachers/parents will need to make some minor adjustments.


Check our our Jerusalem-inspired micrography gallery!

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Get inspired and create your own art today!

Tags: Jerusalem, Zionism, Activities, Education

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