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 ב"ה שלימות העם והארץ

From parsha to parsha and prayer to prayer, from biblical times throughout the exile, from the shtetls and the shtiebels to modern Jewish life, our identity as Jews is intertwined with our inherent connection to Eretz Yisrael and a yearning for our land and unity for our people in the spirit of Hashem.

We at Israel Forever are proud to announce our exclusive feature on Chabad and the integral Ahavas Yisrael that is imbued to each next generation. In the spirit of our shared mission for inspiring Jewish connection to our past, present and future, Israel Forever resources are the perfect compliment to the yiddishkeit we imbue in our homes and hearts, that we teach in our schools and with which we aim to raise the next generation of Jewishly-connected youth.

From innovative programs, inspiring content, and personal reflections, everything we do is shaped to provide the global Jewish Chabad community a myriad of ways to bring Israel out of the headlines and into your home, your community, your life, and your heart every day - at your convenience and at your fingertips.

Israel Forever is your virtual resource to celebrate and strengthen the connection to Eretz Yisrael for Am Yisrael, wherever they may be around the world. We promote and create experiential Israel engagement activities!

Chabad Loves Israel: Your Personal Israel Enhancement Activity Guide

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“Israel Forever: adding chayus into your connection with Eretz Yisrael”

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