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I surf the news to look for updates and these are rare if any. I constantly check the Israeli online papers for updates. What's going on? They launched at Dimona? How many hits in Beersheba? Have the reserves been called up? That's what it is like...questions, questions without answers, questions with inaccurate answers. Do the Israelis know we care? Do they know we aren't out partying while they live in hardship? Do they know? That's what it is like. Uncertainty, helplessness. Rhonda Blender

A message from a friend in the IDF:

I was a commander in the Israeli Army, and I am one of millions that served our country and know what we are fighting for. We are fighting for this small country that is our home, being surrounded by countries that share the same ideology as one another and intend to take our home away from us.

We are not attacking the Palestinians for no reason. As soon as we fight back, the world thinks that we are to blame. That we are brutal and violent. All these things they say about us out there are not true. We are trying to protect ourselves and our country just like any other country would do.

We've been in this fight for decades and we still are. We need your support. Nations of the world unite. Help us reveal the truth and fight for justice. I wish our brothers in the field good luck, and may they return home safe. Gil Bar-On via Miriam Young

It was a very weird feeling to be preparing for Shabbat, while many of our best and bravest young men aren't home with their families, but are gathering on the border of Gaza which has ALWAYS been part of Israel. May HaShem watch over all of them, as they prepare to do what MUST be done.  Hanoch Young

Let the distance not divide us from our commitment to Israel's meaningful existence, to her people, her security, and her future.


Israel at the Defining Moment of the Inevitable
by Zahava Englard

Operation Take Back the Media
by Sarah Tuttle-Singer

“I can’t even walk down the street without thinking, ‘Where can I hide if there’s a siren right now?’” 
17-year Old Paz from Ashkelon 

Don't You Forget about Me
by LIz Cohen

Red Alert: Postcard from Sderot
Odelia Ben Porat

First Person: Cloudy with a Chance of Missiles
Faye Bittker

Life in 15 seconds

Tags: Terror, Living Israel

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