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Healing after October 7 is an ongoing process for those who have been displaced from their homes, torn from their families, and broken-hearted after the tragedy they have endured.

We are working with our partner Mosaics by Miriam to help them repair, rebuild, and create hope in their healing process. This is made possible by our co-sponsors including Global Alliance for Israel.

Individual projects
Activity kits for personal exploration of healing through piecing together fragments and creating something beautiful as a symbol of hope
Community project
Design, creation and installation of a commemorative mosaic created by the community members together, for display in the community grounds upon return to their home communities

Mosaics are a therapeutic experience, a metaphor for the unimaginable reality these families are dealing with. Picking up the broken pieces and creating something beautiful is a unique way to encourage individual and communal healing.

We have already begun projects with a few communities and seen the amazing response and we want to do more. With your help we can offer more opportunities to those who need this tangible and meaningful activity.

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