Holocaust and Hatikvah


Tags: Arts and Culture, Jewish Identity, Education, Holocaust

This is an individual activity, designed to connect between awareness and deeper emotions, thus creating understanding, with your own, unique way of remembering.


  • Paper and pencils, pens, markers, crayons, pastels or paint
  • Optional: scissors and glue


  1. READ: these testimonies and poetry written by survivors
  2. SELECT: one piece of text that speaks to you
  3. DRAW: Close your eyes and let your hand move slowly across your empty page, allowing the thoughts and emotions that the poem or excerpt inspired within you to emerge
  4. COLLAGE (optional): handwrite or print the words of your selected piece onto a background of your choice ie a 2D (flat surface) or even pasted onto 3D (a glass vase, for example)
  5. WRITE: In your words, share the feelings that the memories awaken for you. Share your own reflections of what the Holocaust means to you. Keep as a personal momento, or create into a different piece of artwork.

Memories as they grow older tend to grow colder, and then disappear.

The burden is now on your shoulders, you have a message, you must let them hear.

Please never forget me, I am a spirit that must live on.

Though you never met me, you must remember me now that I’m gone.


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Explore the connection between Holocaust, Hope and Israel in our effort to remember and make meaning out of our history as a people.

Tags: Arts and Culture, Jewish Identity, Education, Holocaust

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