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Tags: Memory, People and Society, Jewish Identity, Am Yisrael, Advocacy

As you walk the streets of Israel, so many unique and interesting individuals walk by, each with their own story:

How long have they been in Israel?

Why did they come to live here?

How did they arrive - by boat, by plane, by foot?

How was their family history tied to Israel?

These personal stories truly make up the People of Israel.

Whether you are living, visiting, studying in Israel, join us in finding new personal Israel stories!

Turn your encounters and discussions into stories for all the world to see!

Have an impromptu interview, take photographs!
Make Israel memorable and PERSONAL! 
You never know who you might meet...

Email us -!

Make your encounters memorable by talking with random Israelis, recording their stories, and presenting them as a reflection of Israel's personal reality.

Be a part of sharing the stories of the many different personalities, cultures, ethnicities, religions, and talents that make Israel so dynamically individual!

Studying on a MASA program?
Here on Year Course?
Working with Career Israel?

Join Us in making Individually Israel!
Find your Personal Israel Story Today!

Stories Of Interest

This Is Israel

This Is Israel

This is Israel. A land of multi-cultures .... varying observances ..... deep commitment.... enormous chesed (kindness)..... caring for one another on a level that I have not experienced anywhere else!
The Quintessential Jew

The Quintessential Jew

In tribute to Menachem Begin on the centenary of his birth. No other premier before – or since – possessed his cozy acknowledgment of God, his deep reverence for the Jewish heritage, his innate sense of Jewish kinship, and his familiarity with the ancient customs.
Getting Closer

Getting Closer

There's a place in Israel where children, Arabs and Jews, Christians and Muslims, are playing, praying, and fighting together. Just to stay alive. These are a few of their stories.
Tikkun Olam: Making A Difference

Tikkun Olam: Making A Difference

I could not think of a more appropriate way of combining my values and my passions. The ALYN Wheels of Love charity ride encompasses everything I believe in and my love for Israel - the land, the people and the ideology.

Tags: Memory, People and Society, Jewish Identity, Am Yisrael, Advocacy

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