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Every week, we read a portion of the Torah, a parasha. While we don’t read the full parasha every day, we culminate with a full reading on Shabbat morning. We then begin with the next portion on Sunday, with Torah reading every Monday and Thursday of different “aliyot,” the individual portions of each parasha, and then again the full reading each Shabbat.

The words of the Torah are always relevant, and even non-religious Jews can feel empowered by learning of our ancient history and the stories that have inspired our nation for nearly 4000 years.

Jewish Learning is a lifelong endeavor. KNOW TORAH is our way of helping make the connection between our ancestral heritage and our lives as Jews today, however we may practice, observe, pray or find spiritual inspiration.

But what if you don’t know Torah? What if the words don’t speak to you? What if you don’t know if you believe in God?

Yes, even you - the Torah is yours, however you choose to practice it. And our personal reading and reacquaintance with Torah each week can help us at least recognize the destiny we are a part of as a part of our people. For religious Jews and Christians who are familiar with the story and the words, open the conversations that connect new friends with the historical essence of the parasha and explore the avenues of personal relevance that we can find.


Each parasha is divided into 7 aliyot, the 7 times someone is called up to say the blessing on the Torah. These are usually marked in your Tanach/Jewish Bible, and are easy to find online. Read the first one on Sunday, the second on Monday, and by the end of Shabbat you will have read the whole parasha.

Recommended Sites for Parasha Learning

  • - offers summaries of each parasha, as well as a look at each aliyah and other torah thoughts
  • - offers a wide variety of approaches to the Torah portion for different levels, and even families
  • - offers the full text in Hebrew and English of each Torah portion
  • Parsha for Kids - a podcast designed for children ages 7+, offering an accessible and engaging look at the weekly parasha
  • - the words of the late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, zt"l, have inspired people of all ages and denominations for decades


Tags: Jewish Identity, Bible, Judaism, Education