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By Molly Livingstone

Through Laugh With Israel, you are contributing to a new wave of Israel portrayal online, giving the world a unique opportunity to see the Jewish Homeland in a new light. Beyond the headlines, these videos will showcase our humor, culture, and ability to laugh at ourselves even during the hardest of times.

Israel Forever is proud to be giving Jews around the world a new way to understand and appreciate what’s funny about Israel in a positive and respective manner.

We believe that Israeli humor is one of the most important ways to connect Jews around the world, because after all it is Jewish humor. Through Laugh With Israel, we are challenging schools, educational institutions and youth movements of all ages to share, inspire and connect with students, our next generation of Jewish peoplehood, with our Weekly Challenge.

What is a Weekly Challenge? We are so glad you asked. Every week we will send you an activity to organize, perform and questions for a teacher-student discussion, implementing the fun, education and, of course, the humor. The activities are the challenges, that we want you to film and share with us. Challenges will bring your class or group together through teamwork, creativity, presentation and education.

Can you give us an example of a Weekly Challenge? Yes! You will get a weekly challenge that may be anything from creating a sketch, translating the chorus of a famous song (did someone say Taylor Swift) from English to Hebrew, practicing our accents, making spoofs creating new Start Ups, attempting to say really hard Hebrew words (why are they so hard), hummus eating contests, and so much more. Challenges can be tailored to each school and educational organizations’ needs and requests. Again the goal is to learn about Israel through humor in a dynamic and positive way.

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Molly Livingstone is a content creator for The Israel Forever Foundation, freelance reporter and comedian, not to mention a mother of two, living in Jerusalem. While playing all those roles, the script remains the same, showing the world the Israel that she sees everyday, from the people and places, to the culture and definitely the food.

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Tags: Humor, Molly Livingstone