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We Were Not Human in Their Eyes

Tags: Holocaust, Memory, Elie Wiesel, Jewish Identity, Antisemitism, Israel Under Fire

Elie Wiesel’s words echo to us from the world before October 7. “We were not human in their eyes,” he proclaimed - speaking to every possible audience that would hear his plea: to recognize the patterns that repeat themselves, and to give voice in resistance to the tyranny of hate driven ideologies. The Jews - not seen as human - were the acceptable target of persecution and extermination. October 7 reminded us that this same negation of Jewish humanity remains.

Hear the words and wisdom of Elie Wiesel Z”L, and their lessons for us today.


First they tried to eliminate the Jew from the world. Then they sought to erase Jewish suffering through universalization of the Holocaust, which has since transformed into the glorification of terror as they distort blood libels to suit the new agendas of the day, all while perpetuating the continued dehumanization of the Jew.

Jews and Jewish rights disappear in the eyes of those who continue to call for another genocide of the Jewish nation, for the continued inhumane treatment in the media, in schools and textbooks, art and politics. Distorted perceptions and social acceptance of the persecution of Jews, Zionists, Israelis influence our ability to fight the murderous hate, to counter the violent rage, or to prevent the continued growth of these movements.


  • Why do people find it easy to dehumanize Jews?
  • What can be done to shift the direction and create change?
  • How can we ensure the next generation is reeducated to not believe the lies told about “bloodthirsty, warmongering, murderous Jews” that has been echoing for now a century?

Let his words, life, and legacy continue to touch and inspire the hearts of others for years to come.

Tags: Holocaust, Memory, Elie Wiesel, Jewish Identity, Antisemitism, Israel Under Fire