My Herzl: Live the Legacy

7 Principles of Jewish Leadership Activity

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By Sophie Leib-Neri

Is there anything unique about Jewish leadership?  What principles have defined how Jewish leadership has emerged throughout history? How have the experiences unique to Jewish existence influenced the resulting leadership trends among Jewish communities? 

Some say that leadership is something you are born with or can be taught. Throughout our history we have had some incredible leaders, from Moses, to Herzl and many more. What makes a Jewish leader unique? This activity is based on the genius article by Rabbi Sacks that helps learners explore Jewish leadership and ways these traits inspire leaders of the past, present and future. 

There are several options for different time frames to suit the wide range of educational and situational needs

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From Moses to King David to Herzl to today, countless Jewish dreamers, visionaries and leaders throughout the centuries have worked towards the fulfillment of our historical dream as a nation: to return home to the land from which we were exiled. 
Today more than ever, we must all play a part in our ancestral destiny. By exploring how one person’s dream paved the way for our 3000 year old dream to come to life, Israel’s rebirth as a sovereign nation in the Land of Israel becomes more real and more relevant to our own lives. If you will it, it is no dream. 

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Herzl's dream was partially fulfilled with the creation of the State of Israel, but it has not yet been completed. Come engage with one of our great leaders of Jewish history!

How are you Living the Legacy?

About the Author

Sophie Leib-Neri
Sophie is a rising junior at Washington University in St. Louis studying political science, leadership and strategic management. Originally from Chicago, this is her first time in Israel. In addition to her time at the Israel Forever Foundation, she will also be working in the Knesset for MK Michal Biran.

Tags: Activities, Leadership, Education, Resources

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