Shabbat Tzion


Celebrating The Connection To Israel Through Torah And Shabbat

Shabbat is the highlight of the Jewish week, the day that represents not only a physical day of rest, but also a spiritual menuchah (spiritual rest). Each week we light candles, drink wine at Kiddush, eat a festive meal and slow down our hectic lives to enjoy family and friends. We fill our Shabbat with meaning, and delve into the depths of Torah.

In honor of Zionism Month, we are pleased to feature your Israel connection for the Torah portions of Bereishit, the Book of Genesis, stretching from Lech-Lecha to Vayishlach. These Torah portions give us a great insight into our historical roots as Jews. They provide us with a detailed history of our connection to Israel, and continue to give us strength and understanding of the deep rooted history that allowed for the creation of the State of Israel.


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