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Let Israel Forever compliment your camp experience

Awaken in your campers a real and tangible relationship that will help them balance the complex and challenging issues that are a part of our continued understanding and respect for Israel.

In this complex reality facing our Jewish world, it is imperative to provide the next generation with the necessary tools to make meaningful connections between the world and themselves. The camp experience is in itself one that helps to shape the identity, self-confidence and pride of Jewish youth. Where does Israel t into that?

Current events have placed conflict and division at the forefront of discussion on Israel, and much of the Israel education and programming remains focused on the essential history and facts but often neglects that the basis for any relationship with Israel is the personal understanding and relevance of the Jewish state to Jewish life in the Diaspora.

From reflective learning experiences to hands on interactive programs and activism initiatives, we provide engaging ways for today’s youth to feel inspired and personally connected by building and expressing their pride as Virtual Citizens of Israel.


Join the world’s first virtual story-collection initiative to unite the Jewish world through image-sharing, meaningful discussion, a collaborative environment and an interactive exploration of memories, experiences and encounters with Israel. The compilation will serve as a living narrative of the historical, national, and personal connection with Israel, spanning the dream of our return, the declaration of statehood, and the development of our ancient homeland into a thriving society.

• Israel memory cards with discussion questions to foster a greater understanding of the significance of Israel to Jewish life and identity based on first-hand accounts from different generations.

• Film viewing and discussion questions to delve into the visual representations of Israel and how they shape collective memory.

• Israel Memory collage; pictures and stories provided.


Activities to awaken their commitment and sense of belonging with Israel and Israelis

• Balfour Initiative: For the kids who love history, this is a wonderful initiative that acquaints them with the facts and steps that preceeded the creation of a Jewish state where all Jews could live free. Campers can create centenary celebrations or engage directly with the stories and people so as to make history meaningful to them even today. 

• Exodus: The voyage of the Exodus left a deep impression on public consciousness, quickly becoming a beacon for Zionism and a symbol to all that neither guns, cannons, nor warships could stand in the way of the human need for a home. Come learn, remember, explore the history and experience aboard the Exodus 1947.

• Jerusalem Cornerstone Project: Celebrate your connection to our eternal holy city by bringing a piece of Jerusalem into your home and hearts. 

Individually Israel: Inherit the many seeds of inspiration as we explore the lives, identities and experiences of Israelis from a variety of backgrounds such as from the startup/tech industry, an Israeli chef, Israeli artist, Israeli author, an Athlete4Israel, David Ben Gurion, Yoni Netanyahu, a lone soldier, sabra soldier, and Israeli kids (photo + quote). Every encounter is sure to deepen the campers understanding of leaders, innovators, activists, and everyday Israelis while encouraging them to uncover similarities between their lives and those based in Israel.

• LaughWithIsrael: engage your campers through comedy that explores and celebrates the Israel connection. With challenges and tips, this is a sure fire way to get your giggles on in a most inspiring way. 

• Lone Soldier Project: Learn about Israel through the eyes and experiences of the young men and women who have volunteered their service in defense of our Jewish State. Through story-sharing and more, The Lone Soldier Project aims to inspire others to support those in active duty and onward as they share their voice and utilize their leadership skills to continue making a difference for Israel after their army service has ended. 

• Munich Memory Project: Created to harness the passion garnered throughout the world upon the murder of the members of the Israeli Team in 1972, MMP aims to honor the significance of this historical event while serving as an inspiration for others to collectively take pride in the accomplishments of fellow Jews. 

• My Herzl: Live the Legacy is aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of Theodor Herzl’s life, his unique leadership qualities and the sustainability of his dream - a state for the Jewish people. The program includes leadership challenges that can help your campers grasp the essential tools to making a difference and building their leadership potential.

• Reveal Israel: This innovative matching and quiz card game is a great way for young Jews to learn about Israel while having fun. Discover and play your way through more than 80 sites around our homeland. 

• Show Israelis You Care: Using our showcase of causes and campaigns, your campers can connect, support, and share to let Israelis know just how much they care through letter writing, fundraising, prayers, and more. 

• StrongerTogether: Explore the value and challenges of fostering and maintaining Jewish unity today and throughout history. Engage with personal expressions that address unity and how it contributes to our individual and collective understanding of Israel as a relevant component of the principle that “all of Israel is responsible one for another.” 

• VCIinAction: Calls to Action campers can choose from to demonstrate their personal commitment to Israel.

VCIPassport: Using an approved list of questions, campers will have the opportunity to create their own VCI profile to showcase their personal connection while expanding relationships with other VCI. they will design their own VCI badge of honor to share with pride.


Engage your campers in writing or creating artwork with messages of commitment and solidarity with the people of Israel. Whether it’s writing a Lone Soldier, a victim of terror, or an Israeli with special needs, your letters are sure to make a difference.

• Holocaust survivors: Time is of the essence when it comes to paying tribute to the survivors of the Holocaust. Having students write letters to the survivors enables them to bring a smile to their faces and lets them know that the next generation will pass on their legacy.

• Israelis with special needs: Individuals with special needs face many challenges. In Israel, there are numerous efforts underway to advance inclusion programming to teach, empower, and inspire personal pride and a strong, positive identity. YOU have the power to make a difference in their lives by sharing your words of support and encouragement! 
Lone soldiers (watch a short lm and hear the story of soldier): Send a personal message of gratitude to an IDF Lone Soldier currently serving in the IDF.

• Youth victims of terror (art + letters): Life in Israel comes with many challenges, and terror attacks are unfortunately a part of our ongoing reality. Luckily, you have the power to make a difference in the lives of those affected by PTSD - write an inspirational letter of friendship to victims of terror.

Read, cook, and explore further through more of our great Israel engagement initiatives!

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Tags: Youth, Israel Engagement