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Commands of Compassion: Hebrew Word Games

Tags: Activities, Education, Hebrew

By Susan Eisenstein

Did you know that dogs can understand Hebrew too? Using the Israel Guide Dog Center list of command words, we become familiar with Hebrew in a totally different way. Dogs are taught commands in Hebrew and we can learn a lot from the way that they learn to engage with people.

Let’s learn the value of inclusivity and acceptance, as well as kindness and compassion through this Israel engagement activity.


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About the Author

Susan Eisenstein is a long time Jewish educator, passionate about creating special innovative activities for her students. A Bonim B’yachad Teaching Fellow, JNF Ambassador and a graduate of the Melton School for Jewish Studies, Susan has two Master’s degrees and a Doctorate in Education from Columbia University. In addition to her involvement with Israel Forever and Stand With Us, Susan is a mentor to adult students for Project Inspire and Aish Academy and is a published author in professional journals for music and music therapy. Her passion is in Judaic studies and the Hebrew language and involving every student in a meaningful adventure of learning: “Israel is my heart and soul and my dream is to help Israel and Israelis in any way that I can.”

Tags: Activities, Education, Hebrew