Zionism & Feminism


This section is about Zionism, Feminism and the connection between these two important concepts.

Both Zionism and Feminism are labels that have been twisted to mean something other than what was originally intended.

There are more and more Jews who seem afraid to identify themselves as Zionists. We all know that there are many people worldwide who hear the word “Zionist” and think about tanks vs “freedom fighters,” “occupiers” vs “oppressed” people. It is no wonder that many who believe that this equation reflects reality would shy away from having anything to do with Zionism.

The same is true for women who are put off by the title “feminist.” On the other hand, there are many women who happily identify themselves as feminists but do not think about women who live in less privileged countries and desperately need the liberation of equal rights for women.

In this section we hope to go back to the basics: What is Zionism? What is Feminism? What is the connection between the two? Is it possible to be both a Zionist and a Feminist? Should I want to be?

The goal of this initiative is to provide insight into the meaning of these two important labels so that every individual can decide for themselves. Knowledge is power and identity should not be left to the definitions of others. This is about self-determination.