Shabbat After the Fire

Shabbat After the Fire

It has been nearly a week since the ceasefire began and Israeli families who were under constant attack struggle to return to a sense of normalcy in their daily lives.
Children ask, "When will the sirens ring again, ima? Do we have to go to the shelter again, aba?" Parents are searching for ways to bring peace back into their lives.

Refrigerators and cabinets have been empty and businesses have lost so much money, as shops were closed in those communities living within the range of fire. Only now, shelves, cabinets and refrigerators are beginning to refill.

What kind of Shabbat experience can we give to these families who are dealing with the aftermath of life after the fire?

Give the gift of a Shabbat Meal to our friends and family in Israel struggling to return to some semblance of normalcy after the recent attacks on our one and only Jewish State.

Bring peace to their homes, ease the tension and lift their spirits by letting them know that around the world, there are people who care.

You can make a difference by providing a Shabbat meal of peace and hope to the families who have suffered from the traumatic experiences of missile attacks. We are working directly with caterers in those communities to support the local businesses who have lost so much and are trying to rebuild.

Let us together make a l'chaim to a future of peace for all of the People of Israel and around the world!

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