Shabbat Under Fire

Shabbat Under Fire

It is a very weird feeling to be preparing for Shabbat, while many of our best and bravest young men aren't home with their families, but are gathering on the border of Gaza which has ALWAYS been part of Israel. So many are living in shelters because of the frequency of the missiles and sirens. Shops are closed, shelves, cabinets and refrigerators are empty. What kind of Shabbat experience will there be for the families living within the range of fire?

Shabbat in Israel is a special experience. Religious and secular alike honor the day as one of rest, family, relaxation, and peace.

Today, as the attacks continue against our citizens, it is difficult to begin our usual weekly preparations for Shabbat.

Give the gift of a Shabbat Meal to our friends and family in Israel living under attack. Bring peace to their home and warmth to their hearts - let them know that around the world, there are people who care.

Your generosity can ensure that families in the communities of Israel suffering the tension and fear of the missile attacks can enjoy a Shabbat meal of peace and hope. We are working directly with caterers in those communities as an additional effort to support the local businesses suffering from the current situation.

Let us together make a l'chaim to a future of peace for all of the People of Israel around the world!

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