Almond Stuffed Dates
 Apple Cinnamon Challah
12 Cities in Israel
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Almond Butter Cake
Almond Butter Cake
Almond Clusters
Almond Fruit Cake
Almond Linzer Cookies
Almond Linzer Cookies
Apple Cinnamon Tea
Apple and Honey Cookies
Ari Fruchter’s New Dead Sea Project
Artichoke & Nana Pititim
Recipe, Diaspora, Holidays
Baked Beets Salad with Walnuts, Fresh Fennel, and Basil
Barley Salad
Becoming A Hummus Connoisseur
Beef and date molasses kebabs on cinnamon sticks
Beef kebabs in date and pomegranate molasses
Beet tomato and eggplant skewers with lemon-olive oil dressing
Best Cholent Ever for Shabbat?
Born To Be a Sabra
Breakfast In The Sukkah
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Candied Stuffed Dates
Celebrating the fruits of the land on Tu b'Shevat
Cham Cham (hot hot)
Cheese-Stuffed Tomatoes
Chicken and Leek Fritters
Chickpea and Tomato Salad
Chocolate and Halva Babka
City of My Art
Classic Israeli Salad
Coconut Rice Pudding
Coconut Rice Pudding
Colors of Freedom: Carrot, Apple, Grape and Nut Salad
Cooking Israel Chagim Cookbook
Cooking Israel For Tu B'Shevat
Cooking Israel Recipes for the Chagim
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Cooking Israel at Home
Cooking Israel in GW Hillel's Kitchen
Cooking Israel in GW Hillel's Kitchen
Cooking Israel! Tastes of the Golan Virtual Cookalong!
Cooking Israel: A Taste of Israel, A Taste of Freedom
Cooking With the Spices of Israel
Couscous With Dried Fruits And Nuts
Couscous With Dried Fruits And Nuts
Created In Israel
Culinary Comforts On Yom Yerushalayim
Culture and cooking with Israeli shaliach Itsik Sayag
Date BBQ Sauce (silan) from "JOY OF KOSHER"
Desert in Bloom: Stunning view of the Shokeda Forest
Dried Fruit Cake by Gil Hovav
Eggplant Pashtida
Eggplant Rolls Filled With Beef Tartare
Eggplant Rolls Filled With Beef Tartare
Elana’s Matzoh Meat Burekas
End of summer BBQ recipes with an Israeli twist
Eretz Yisrael Cake
Ethiopian Chicken Stew
Ethiopian Lentil Spread and Dabo
Falafel: Israeli food on the go
Feeling Good About Israel
Fillet Mignon by Lily Aronin
Fish Cakes by Efrat Petel
For Bourekas, Shape Matters

For Bourekas, Shape Matters

Tablet Magazine

Fresh, Flavorful Israeli Salads

Fresh, Flavorful Israeli Salads

The Wall Street Journal

Fried Cheese Puffs
From Nazareth Illit To The White House
Fruit and Almond Buckle
Fruit and Almond Buckle
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Gluten-Free Tabbouleh Salad with Tomatoes, Parsley, Cauliflower and Carrots
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pita chips, recipe
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