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My Dad, My Herzl
My Life from IFF to IDF
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My Country is in Chaos - Why Worry About Israel Too?
If You Are It, Then Be It
My Herzl, My Judaism, My Generation
The 21st Century Universal Goal for the Jewish People
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Israel at my Jewish Core
Open Letter to Gap Year Graduates
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Gap Year Graduates Fill the Gap
 My Israel: The Growth of My Jewish Soul
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Honoring Richard Heideman
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Unfinished Journey: The Path to Jewish Independence
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A Drop in the Ocean: A Daily Dose of Eretz Yisrael  by Michael Freund
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March Of The Living Virtual Citizens of Israel: Connecting The Past With The Future
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Countering the Ripple Effect of Hate
"This Is Pro-Israel Activism Like You've Never Seen It Before" with Judy Lash Balint of JerusalemDiaries
Alan Dershowitz Accepts Honorary Chairmanship of Virtual Citizens of Israel of The Israel Forever Foundation
Carrying The Torch: Yom HaAtzmaut March of the Living Celebration
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Bringing Israel to Life at CES JDS 5th Grade Israel Day
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Diaspora, A Poem
Two Women. One Dream. Israel
Watching Your Language

Watching Your Language

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