My Last Day in Israel

Jul 30, 2017

My Last Day in Israel

Celebrating Jewish independence
Yom Aliyah and All Year Round: Fulfilling the Vision of Lech L’cha
A Land Flowing With Milk And Honey - ארץ זבת חלב ודבש
Hatikvah - הַתִּקְוָה
Carrying The Torch: Yom HaAtzmaut March of the Living Celebration
An Arab, A Survivor of Terror and Me: The Independent State of Israel and Her People
Wearing our blue and white
Virtual Citizens of Israel™, March of The Living and Yom Ha'Atzmaut
The Dream of a State was Fulfilled
Born for Peace - אני נולדתי לשלום
Born for Peace - אני נולדתי לשלום
Rapping for Israel's Independence with Rap Daddy D
San Remo's Mandate: Israel's 'Magna Carta'
The Price of the Independence BBQ
10 ways You can Celebrate Israel at Home this Yom HaAtzmaut
Israel's History in Pictures
Why Israel’s first leaders chose not to call the country ‘Palestine’ in Arabic
Independence: Fulfillment of the Dream
Israel’s Message of Liberty
Passover, Israeli Independence Day and Shavuot - The Deeper Connection
10 Gorgeous Reasons to Visit Israel in 2015
If I Were Israeli…

Dec 9, 2014

If I Were Israeli…

Times of Israel

Jump For Our Boys #EyalGiladNaftali Fundraiser 2014
Stand Strong Israel Rally 2014
My New Favorite Holiday
For This I Am Thankful
Women Only to Light Israel's Official Independence Day Torches
Israel's History In A Home Movie
Yom Ha'Atzmaut: The Birth of The State
Face-To-Face With Israel's History
Independence Day Versus Fourth of July: A Jewish American's Loyalty Dilemma
Happy Birthday Israel - Shining Bright For 65 years
Photos: 65 years Of Israel As A State
Memory Of Our Fallen: A Nation Unites
The Birth of The Israeli Air Force
Yom Ha'Atzmaut March of the Living 2013 Celebration
Yom Ha'Atzmaut: Songs To Celebrate Israel's Independence
Sarah Braverman, Pioneer Paratrooper

Feb 13, 2013

Sarah Braverman, Pioneer Paratrooper

The Jerusalem Post

Celebrating Israel

Aug 7, 2012

Celebrating Israel

Living Israel

Mar 22, 2012

Living Israel