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Minimalistic Polymer Clay Kawaii Figurines Made in Tel Aviv.

About the designer: When I was 8 years old, my aunt brought me a little white bag. In it there where polymer clay leftovers from a project she did. "Take it. I'm sure you'll know what to do with it.." and she was right! On that same day I sat down and created several figurines that made me smile and excited everyone around me. Since that day, every time I passed by an art supply store, i bought 2 or 3 "FIMO" packages in different colors and spent a lot of my free time in experimenting with the material and crafting all night long. As I grew up, I started thinking about my professional future. I enrolled Psychology and Sociology studies at Tel -Aviv university. During those years, my focus was on my studies and my job. as I got my B.A. I made the decision to return to my ultimate passion - creating Art. Meanwhile, I found the most perfect profession for me - Art Therapy. By the end of the current academic year I will get my M.A. (yay!) I often find myself crafting in the middle of the night, in between studying and on any given free time. Lately I decided that it is time to share this passion with you and, hopefully, my creations will touch as many hearts as possible.

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Tags: VCI, VCIRewards, Arts and Culture