Honor Kibbutz Sasa's 75th Anniversary

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About Kibbutz Sasa

Sasa was founded by HaShomer HaTzair members who believed in the settlement of the ancestral lands in the north of Israel. Situated along the Lebanon border, this secular kibbutz continues to thrive in the original socialist, non-privatized lifestyle that Israeli kibbutzim were known for - communities that sought peace and coexistence, with neighbors and families.

The communities on Israel’s northern border are far away from many people’s minds or awareness. Nestled in the mountains, they enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the region once belonging to the tribe of Naftali. How meaningful is it that we can trace our ancestral connection to this place, among many others, and foster in our children a sense of belonging to a land far away?

The story of Sasa’s refounding is personal. When American Jews arrived there, they had a dream to fulfill. When Diaspora Jews now consider commemorating the 75th year of this community, they are reaffirming the dream of what was initiated.

Sasa members are now divided between 3 different locations, having been one of the first communities evacuated after October 7 from the northern region. The community remains under threat by Hezbollah terrorists and missile fire, with the infrastructure being attacked - most recently their schools and community center.

Sasa has just welcomed 21 new members from Garin Tzabar to their community, young individuals from the East Coast of the United States who are approaching their army enlistment. Sasa serves as their home while they are in service and, hopefully, afterwards, to continue to build a future for this vibrant community.

Join us in helping Sasa honor the past while rebuilding hope for the future through their community mosaic!



By now many people are familiar with the names of the communities of Southern Israel - the primary targets of the Hamas Jihad attack on Israeli innocent citizens. Beeri, Nir Oz, Netiv HaAsara - the evil they were forced to endure is by now known, and hopefully never to be forgotten. The northern border remains fragile - under constant missile fire and threats of tunnels from Hezbollah and Iran powers.

In appreciation of your donation, you will receive recognition as a Virtual Citizen of Israel and benefit from the rich materials and tools that will help you and your family navigate the challenges we face as Jews today. With access to educational resources for all ages and learning environments, you will feel empowered by the sense of belonging and community you are awakening with your friends and loved ones.

It is so hard to be far away when you know your homeland needs you and your support. It is essential to find ways to connect to what is happening in Israel today.

On your next trip to Israel, just imagine visiting Sasa and seeing the beautiful mosaic that YOU helped make happen. These are the monuments that will stand for many generations to come, testaments to our endless love for our land, our history, our people, our eternal connection.


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Tags: Arts and Culture, Inspiration and Hope, Living Beyond Terror, Israel Under Fire, Causes