Creation of The Israel Defense Forces

Tags: Soldiers and Defense, Leadership, History, Zionism

The roots of the IDF are over 100 years old. Although modern Jewish settlement of Eretz Israel began in the 1870's, with the development of more settlements in the region, came the need for the settlers to protect themselves from bandits and marauders.

Smartly outfitted new IDF recruits in 'hitelmacher' hats being inspected by Col. Chaim Laskov, the Director of Training (and a future IDF Chief of Staff). Photo: Pearlman

On 14 May, 1948 as Independence was declared, the Jewish self-defense movement had to operate in a manner similar to modern field armies and less as a collection of underground armed formations. With varying degrees of coordination and autonomy, the main Jewish armed organizations fought together in all engagements until 28 May, when the Israeli Provisional Government promulgated the law for the creation of a national army to be known as the 'Israel Defence Forces'; the 'Sherut Avir' became the Israeli Air Force (or 'Chayl Ha'Avir').

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Tags: Soldiers and Defense, Leadership, History, Zionism