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Since October 7 massacre and the onset of war forced on Israel, we have many sources of sorrow, confusion and frustration. But we also have many reasons to give thanks. The generosity of  our people and our hope, the unity we have witnessed, has sustained us as we find ways to do something tangible to cope and overcome the pain we have all felt.

In the wake of tragedy and war, Israel Forever has been working in many arenas of activism and engagement - to help on the ground in Israel, and to support our people around the world with unity and empowerment resources and programming that addresses the serious issues of today. Antisemitism, Jewish identity, unity, facts on the ground, community security needs, coping tools and inspirational encouragement - we have continued to provide for our global community the best possible materials for understanding and connection possible. It is these resources that complement hasbara efforts and assist those wanting to explore beyond the media bias or classroom challenges to feel confident in navigating the discussions we need to have for the future of the Jewish people and Israel.

Our virtual movement for Jewish rights is making an impact the defies numbers. We give inspiration, information and tools to the world. Our social media are channels of activism and network weaving, and our communities - a place to feel the sense of belonging we believe every one of us should feel as a Virtual Citizens of Israel. We have garnered new interest around the world, developed new partnerships, and continue to provide programming for a range of new audiences.

We are grateful to all our donors, who make it possible to make a real and tangible difference. And we are grateful for all our members, for whom we create and provide from the desire to help you feel a part of Israel - our people, our heritage, our land, our destiny. We are proud to do our part for the strength and solidarity of Am Yisrael.
WE THANK YOU for being a part of Israel Forever, and we look forward to doing more to help you on our collective journey. We cannot let our hearts grow weary - there is so much more to do!

We have been able to provide emergency tactical gear for 5 army units, aid for dozens of direct giving opportunities for food and supplies to displaced families, Healing Arts and Letters of Friendship for thousands of soldiers and citizens living in the line of fire.

We are the sponsor of a number of grassroots emergency aid campaigns, providing tactical supplies to community security needs, learning programs and support efforts such as Facts on the Ground at the University of Michigan, On the Fire Under Fire, Lemaan Achai, Alonei Bashan, Nes Harim and a Face the Hate Education Reform Act.
We have provided resources and inspiration for parents, families, teachers and teens on coping with trauma and confusion, working directly with dozens of partners on original programming with Durham University in the UK, Western University in Canada, Zehud Online Jewish School for European Jewry, Beth Shalom Congregation of Potomac, Chabad of Bethesda, NCSY and communities in Israel. Our expert learning materials and interviews with experts in strategy, education, parenting and empowerment have informed over a million and a half people around the world.
Our Blue and White Unity campaign launched for the Shloshim of the massacre has garnered global attention, and will serve as a demonstration of hope and solidarity until the end of the war and the release of the hostages - with schools, groups, and individuals sharing their messages of solidarity, doing mitzvot, and feeling proud in our national ancestral colors. The campaign will continue with a very special Light Up the World in Blue and White global Jewish unity program. Contact us to host a Blue and White Night in your community!

Our partnerships with local organizations, educators, student and community leaders have resulted in programming for hundreds of families and youth. Our collaborations with the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce, the American Zionist Movement, and individual campaign supporters are a demonstration of the recognized value of our unique initiatives. We are continuously expanding our partnerships and activating original ideas for meaningful learning and connection. Contact us to do something together!
Our unique focus on Jewish identity, connection and peoplehood empowerment provides inspiration to our 500,000 followers on social media and our community of over 100,000 Virtual Citizens of Israel around the world. Our SOSMOM and VCI communities on Facebook and whatsapp are a wonderful safe space for discussion and sharing, at a time when our people need it the most.
Israel Forever continues to serve the needs of Jews around the world looking for ways to do more, and to feel a sense of connection and belonging with those in Israel and with each other.



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Tags: Jewish Identity, Take Action, Activism, Zionism, Social Media, Hasbara