In the Spirit of the Maccabees: 8 Days of ChanukahGiving

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During this festive season, our souls are filled with light and our hearts uplifted. As we gather with family and friends to celebrate the miracle of the oil, we cherish the traditions passed down from generation to generation.

The menorah is a symbol of bravery and heroism, and heroism illuminates the world over. The Maccabees, up to their last moment of life, fought for the nation of Israel’s freedom. They brought about a miraculous time for our people.

One of the more ancient customs is to give Maot Chanukah מאות חנוכה, the gift of money - best known from the Yiddish as Chanukah gelt.

When the Jews revolted against the Seleucid Empire in the second century B.C.E. and rededicated the Second Temple under the leadership of the Maccabees, they declared their independence. And what is the first step a nation takes after gaining its independence? It mints coins!

While many families give the chocolate covered coins now associated with Chanukah world-wide, many in Israel still give coins to the children - however symbolic in its amount - to also teach the principle of Tzedakah, charity.

Today, every Jew, wherever he/she is, is considered a Maccabee fighting for the preservation of the Jewish people, their tradition, faith and freedom.

Here are 8 great ways you can celebrate your Inner Maccabee through ChanukahGiving!

1 - Shavei Israel and the Bnei Menashe Lost Tribe of Israel who just arrived on Aliyah

2 - Lemaan Achai: Smart Chesed for Trauma and Poverty Assistance

3 - Warm Winter for Lone Soldiers

4 - Family’s Nest, Ashkelon: Women Assisting Women and Improving Family Life

5 - HebrewMan: Sing Your Way to the Hebrew Language

6 - eCommunity Special Needs Environmental Community in the North

7 - Lone Soldier Leadership Experience: Helping Former Lone Soldiers Build Life in Israel

8 - Give the Gift of Israel Forever and support our many efforts to carry on the legacy of the Maccabees for the Jewish People and Make Israel Personal!

May we continue to fill the world with light through our generosity of spirit!

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Tags: Chanukah, Israel Engagement, Causes, Advocacy, Zionism, Judaism, Am Yisrael