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By Yaffa Abadi

With the right tools, training and motivation, each one of us can be an advocate for the Jewish Homeland and an advocate for justice.

Israel faces many threats today, as it has throughout the course of her short existence. Yet one could argue that the threats she faces today are more dangerous than those of the past as instead of having honest motives, they are clothed in sheep's wool and are able to fool many into believing their aims are pure.

This is the clear tactic of the main anti-Israel organization that we are currently faced with- the BDS. This blatantly anti-Israel movement parades as a moral organisation fighting for the rights of the oppressed Palestinians. However, despite their supposed moral standing, they make no effort to communicate nor negotiate with Israel to actively create steps or seek a resolution. Rather, they spend endless time, money and energy doing everything in their power to derail the Jewish Homeland.

Not only do their intentions seem to be a farce for their anti-Israel motives, but they have proven themselves a hypocritical and racist organization. BDS have endless claims against Israel, yet governments that commit actual human rights crimes against their citizens essentially receive a free pass to conduct their atrocities.

It is clear that organisations, such as the BDS , are a threat to the stability of the Jewish Homeland.

However it is not a threat that we are incapable of overcoming and fighting against.

While many States in the USA have started passing anti-BDS legislation, recognising this organization for what it truly is and seeing the inherently anti-Jewish values, many more have legislation pending.

However it is not only in the hands of State legislators to fight against the anti-Israel sentiments spread by the BDS, it is in your hands too! With the right tools, training and motivation, each one of us can be an advocate for the Jewish Homeland and an advocate for justice. Whether it be spreading a personal message through social media, blogging, or simply being an advocate in everyday interactions

There are online sites, courses and classes available both educating and giving practical advice on how to be an effective advocate for the legitimacy and right for the Jewish State of Israel as well as defending its democratic values.

By staying up to date and engaged in this arena, you can actively play a role in securing Israel’s standing among the nation’s of the world.

Yaffa Abadi is a twenty year old who made Aliyah just over a year ago from South Africa. She has a passion for creative writing and am currently studying English Literature and Philosophy at the Hebrew University while trying to navigate my way as an Olah Chadasha.


A celebration of the Balfour Declaration invites a deeper understanding of the long history of our struggle to create a place where the Jewish people could live free in our ancient homeland.

We aim to collect 1 million signatures by the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration on November 2, 2017 to be presented to world bodies, organizations, and heads of state.


Israel Forever, Balfour initiative

SIGN, SHARE AND HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Together, we can show the world that the international recognition of the Jewish connection to Israel perpetuates all over the world today.

Interested in launching the Balfour Initiative in your community? Contact us for programming ideas and free resources for you to use in making this a meaningful and successful campaign all over the world.


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Tags: Leadership, Advocacy, BDS

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