10 Reasons Why You Should Go Back To Israel

Tags: Diaspora, Land and Nature, People and Society

by Buzzfeed

10. Because you definitely haven’t eaten enough fresh hummus.

9. So you can ride in style…not in your tour bus.

8. CATS!

7. Because we just upgraded your breakfast.

6. Because you just found out that Goldstar is the Natty Light of Israeli beers.

5. Because you’ve leveled up your negotiation skills.

4. Because you choose the bar, not your tour guide.

3. You’ve been talking to your soldiers on WhatsApp for the past 3 months…and are DYING to see them in person!

2. Tel Aviv Beach. All day, every day.

1. Studying, interning and volunteering in Israel has never been easier, and your resume will thank you.

Originally posted on BuzzFeed

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Tags: Diaspora, Land and Nature, People and Society