Heart and Sole: Rosh Hashanah Young Professionals 10 minute Meetup for Making a Difference

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Just as we celebrate the new year, let’s celebrate the new innovations that have been created/brought into being by our amazing Jewish State!

Make a 10 minute meetup for your community’s young professionals at your Rosh Hashanah services and let them be INSPIRED BY ISRAEL AND ISRAELI MEDICAL INNOVATIONS, and by giving from your Heart and Sole!


Become a participating community or organization and help to collect gently worn shoes to be donated to needy recipients in 50 countries around the world. In exchange, the total weight of all shoes collected will become a hefty donation towards the Heart and Sole Cardiac Fund of The American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center, (AFKMC).

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WHAT IS A MEETUP? A 10-15 minute activity to connect young adults in your community with a topic of interest to engage them in a fun and dynamic way.

WHO GETS INVOLVED? Community Rabbis, education directors, shul presidents,, and post-college young adults. Perhaps consider inviting local representatives from Israeli organizations to participate, or ask about an Israel Forever VCI Ambassador to serve as a facilitator.

FIND YOUR LEADERS Identify 2-4 young adults interested in taking the lead in your community to join YP/YJLC as hosts of the Israel Shoe-Box.

WHEN DOES THIS ALL HAPPEN? Rosh Hashanah morning services, following the Rabbi’s sermon.

WHERE IS THE MEETUP? Invite all young adults to meet in the lobby area around the dedicated AFKMC Israel “Heart & Sole” shoe recycling box* in your participating synagogue.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE SET UP IN ADVANCE? Table with wine, apples & honey, cups, napkins, printed copies of Israel’s Medical Innovations Icebreakers.

ENCOURAGE A CONTINUED ENGAGEMENT with Israel everyday as Virtual Citizens of Israel.

Initiative creator Lou Balcher emphasizes the simple purpose of these brief encounters. Young professionals will be coming home for Rosh Hashanah knowing that they will be seeing friends at a “10 Minute Meet-Up”, no longer as strangers in Jewish communities around the country. They will be making new friends, new life-partners, and WE will be identifying and encouraging/facilitating/directing them onto a path of leadership!

Your community can play a big part in supporting the ongoing effort to save Israeli lives, with cutting edge technology performed by leading Israeli cardiologists in the amazing Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot.

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In celebration of Israel’s achievements in the field of medical innovations, the Heart and Sole campaign will include sharing the latest Israel Hi-Tech medical miracle resources and updates with you, our hosts of “Israel Shoe Box” collection centers. News on the continued building of the world-renowned Research Center to uncover cures for heart disease will strengthen awareness and literacy about the innovations coming out of the miraculous Jewish state, and continued education about the relevance of Israel’s achievements to Jewish life and identity.

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C: 215-932-2974 (voice or text)


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Tags: Community, Activism, Causes