My art is inspired by her landscape

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by Igor Mojzes

I made Aliyah with my family in 2012. We now live in Tel Aviv.

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, 1955, I have been painting from childhood. Upon completing secondary education and moving to Toronto, Canada, I studied natural sciences, landscape architecture and urban planning. All this time, I painted and exhibited continuously.

After working for a number of years in the land development industry and landscape architecture profession, in 1986 I became a professor of landscape architecture at Ryerson University, Toronto, which I left in order to devote myself to painting full time in 1996.

In general, I found it rather difficult to talk about my work; as the great American painter Edward Hopper said, “...if I could put it in words, there would be no reason to paint”.

However, the work I have done since arrival to Israel is a direct response to my experiences of “walking the land”, sort of a diary, and as such, it is personal.

I find inspiration in the landscape of Israel and I attempt to express the feelings which it evokes throughout my drawings.

In this process, I find myself returning to my beginnings, returning to the style I used to work in many years ago; perhaps due to the character of the landscape: its strength, brilliance of light, high contrast of light and shadow, vividness of color; but also perhaps due to the recognition of certain aspects of myself mirrored in it.

As I continue my journey, I will continue to draw and paint the land of Israel, the Holy Land.

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Igor Mojzes is an international artist whose paintings can be found in numerous private and public art collections worldwide. He lives and works in Toronto, Zagreb and Tel Aviv.

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Tags: Aliyah, Arts and Culture, Land and Nature, Inspiration and Hope