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By Nahum Ciobotaru

“I visited Israel a lot before I eventually came to live in the ‘Aretz’ (Land) and I noticed that each time I was back in my day-to-day life, I felt like all the beauty I have seen and experienced on my trips just fades too fast”, tells author and journalist Katharina Hoeftmann.

She created a beautiful little book called “Mazal Tov and Good Luck – A Journey” that gives anyone who feels the same an opportunity to keep the sights of the Holy Land close – you can literally stick them in your pocket.

The idea for the title originates in the celebratory atmosphere that Hoeftmann found in Israel:

“Israelis wish each other ‘Mazal Tov’ all the time, just because there are always reasons to celebrate. I thought to myself, why not making a gift book that expresses exactly this feeling, wishing other people the best and connecting these wishes to the beauty of the land.”

Said and done.

The result is a gift book, light and small enough to take it anywhere and filled with gorgeous photographs and heart-warming words. It describes all the things that you wish to someone, no matter if it’s for a birthday, wedding, holiday, Bar-Mitzvah or just any regular day.

Mazal Tov and Good Luck – A Journey” is a project by the young Israel based Start-up publisher Israel-Press founded by Hoeftmann. The 29-year-old already published three other fiction and non-fiction books with prestigious publishers like Random House in her home country Germany.

After falling in love with an Israeli she moved to Israel four years ago and was married (of course the gift for their wedding guests was “Mazal Tov and Good Luck – A Journey”).

For her “Mazal Tov”, the nickname for the gift book, is more than just another product from Israel. It represents the Israel of today. The team that Hoeftmann brought together to work on the book are “Sabras” (born Israelis) as well as “Olim” from Australia, the US and Germany.

What they all have in common is their honest and deep love for the special country they call a home: “I wanted to portray Israel in all its glory without the political opinions, that usually overshadow the coverage. Israel is so beautiful, from the northern mountains of snow to the southern desert, the beaches of Tel Aviv and the stones of Jerusalem. There is such diversity on such a small surface. The book is meant to take you on a journey and show you the true character of the country.”

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Tags: Land and Nature, Books, Arts and Culture, Israel Engagement, Travel