Israel Under Fire: The Personal Connection

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The circumstances change but every time Gazan terrorists fire missiles at Israeli communities the emotions are the same.

‎"We are hostages of the terror organizations. All we want to do is raise our children in peace" Citizen of Israeli city, Ashdod

"All my rational understanding of the futility of war has simply become raw, unpolished fear that comes over me when I hear that piercing sound of the siren. Forget politics. This is Chinese torture. Adrenalin in overdrive. Kids crying. Powerlessness to the logical extreme." Faye Bittker 

I surf the news to look for updates and these are rare if any. I constantly check the Israeli online papers for updates. What's going on? They launched at Dimona? How many hits in Beersheba? Have the reserves been called up? That's what it is like...questions, questions without answers, questions with inaccurate answers. Do the Israelis know we care? Do they know we aren't out partying while they live in hardship? Do they know? That's what it is like. Uncertainty, helplessness. Rhonda Blender

Praying for all those living in fear right now. Melissa Weintraub

I feel out of focus from my daily life because hundreds of missiles have been fired on Israel. How can I live my life in the diaspora when innocent, good people, my people, are running for their lives? Then I force myself to reflect on our long history, on a few thousand years of survival and I take some deep breaths. I know in my heart that the people of Israel will come through this.  Heidi Krizer Daroff

Laughing to keep from crying. Benji Lovitt

Even a hard-core left wing tree-hugging bleeding heart liberal such as myself thinks this operation is justified. May there be no more war, no more bloodshed... Yona Cymerman

Watching a mother kiss and hug her uniformed son as he is heading down words... Only prayers. Miriam Spitz Kahan

“We stand with the defenders of Israel. We honor the guardians of Zion. We hold dear the sentries of Am Kadosh…” Alden Solovy

A message from a friend in the IDF:

I was a commander in the Israeli Army, and I am one of millions that served our country and know what we are fighting for. We are fighting for this small country that is our home, being surrounded by countries that share the same ideology as one another and intend to take our home away from us.

We are not attacking the Palestinians for no reason. As soon as we fight back, the world thinks that we are to blame. That we are brutal and violent. All these things they say about us out there are not true. We are trying to protect ourselves and our country just like any other country would do.

We've been in this fight for decades and we still are. We need your support. Nations of the world unite. Help us reveal the truth and fight for justice. I wish our brothers in the field good luck, and may they return home safe. Gil Bar-On via Miriam Young

As I travel through wild, beautiful and beloved Israel far from rocket attacks and the threat of terrorism, my heart is with the residents of the south of Israel who are entering another tense night of rocket fire from Gaza. My thoughts are with the IDF troops who are in harm’s way. May it be over soon. Uri Goldflam

Israelis standing strong as usual. A few rockets wont keep us down. We have see a lot worse over the course of a 3,000 year history. NU campaign 

Support the people of the south and buy a tshirt to educate people about the the 15 seconds it takes for rockets to land from Gaza. Proceeds go to the families of the south.

I'm going to go to sleep tonight, wake up tomorrow and for a few seconds think it's a normal day - and then I'll suddenly remember what went down today and what we are in the middle of. I'm not looking forward to that moment. But I guess I'm grateful that I won't be woken up during the night by sirens and booms. I hope.  Allison Kaplan Sommer

It was a very weird feeling to be preparing for Shabbat, while many of our best and bravest young men aren't home with their families, but are gathering on the border of Gaza which has ALWAYS been part of Israel. May HaShem watch over all of them, as they prepare to do what MUST be done.  Hanoch Young

Thanking G-d every minute that I have the merit to be living on the physical soil of Eretz Yisrael. Today, more then ever, I am feeling extra thankful that we have a physical land where we can all be together, especially as we enter this unstable time. May all of Klal Yisrael be able to join us here soon!  Meryle Miri Abrams Schreiber

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Tags: Terror, Living Israel, Israel Engagement, Community, News