NEVER FORGET why we came back HOME

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By Rudy Rochman

The Kotel (Western Wall) has always stood strong and survived through each conquering empire set to wipe out the Nation of Israel.

Our temple may have been destroyed twice, but this eternal wall has always survived. This is the relationship the Jews have had with the world.

Too many times we have been hunted and persecuted just for being Jewish. Even with all the lives lost, we still stood as a people, just as this Wall stands today.

At some point this century, we decided that just surviving was no longer an option. We rose and many returned to our Homeland and threw off the Imperial British Power. We revived an ancient language and culture in order to reconnect our 4,000 year old Nation with its 4,000 year old land.

We must NEVER FORGET why we came back HOME. If we wanted security and an easy life, this was not the place to come to. We came back because as a people we are fundamentally rooted to the ground here.

This was the place an Indigenous people had once thrived and we have aspired and envisioned our return ever since.

Five years ago I was sworn into the IDF Paratroopers at this very spot. A spot that has seen the continuous miracles that has allowed us to still be here today.

Today I stand with a young man who has returned to his homeland to join the Army to defend all of our rights to be standing here. Hopefully he too will realize his goals and become a Paratrooper to play his part in this generation.

The Jews are a Nation of Warriors.

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About the Author

Rudy  Rochman
Rudy Rochman is an Israel activist formerly involved with Students Supporting Israel who served as a lone soldier. Rudy's work is based on his belief that the Jewish people are indigenous to the land of Israel and in order to reclaim their narrative, a strong sense of identity and vision must be obtained.

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Tags: Inspiration and Hope, Community, Land and Nature, Jerusalem