One Day, I Pray, L'Chayim

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In the Jewish calendar, we have 5 new years that we celebrate. While written for Rosh HaShanah, this song is relevant all year round as it shares the hopes and prayers of every Israeli, of every Jew, as we wait for the day when we will no longer be surrounded by hate, forced into wars, and splintered in our unity.

Perhaps in a year we'll learn to smile quickly
And not to surrender to every enemy and madman
To see clear heatedly
Who's our foe and who's our brother
Just have a little patience
The truth is, that's all, its stronger than everything

My whole life I'm always learning
How to not be afraid
And keep on shouting
That we need to learn at last please
That it's no shame
To be right

One day, One day, to our lives (l'chayei)
One day, one day, I pray

That it will a year without strife, sanctions or boycotts,
On a city or town, oil or wine,
Parking or nothing, or UN rankings
Without uprooting or destroying
Like fools
Because not every wish will be granted, no....
Not to get in the dumps
Even if the whole world is angry
When the darkness covers it all
That's the time to recall soon comes the dawn

My whole life I'm always learning
How to not be afraid
And say again and again
Even if it all looks awful
As if a dead end
There's one who guards us

One day one day, to our lives
One day, one day I pray

It'll happen one day, just hold on
The world will change, won't fear what's right
Without hate and division, only harmony and love
So from Latma to everyone, you should have a good year

One day, One day...

Wishing you all the sweetness of Israel and a blessing for peace all year long.

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Tags: Music, Hebrew, Religion