One Small Voice

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By Jamie Brooks

Something within, led me to become an advocate for Israel. I felt and heard the calling to learn more for myself first, then to express it outwardly. Along the way, there have been a few bumps in the road.

Any time you do something different, find your own path, speak up louder than the crowd and demand to be heard, it is likely that some criticism will follow. Whether that criticism comes in the form of confused friends and family or random people on the internet, we must never allow our voices to be silenced.

The first public event I organized was in 2011, this event was a "Stand with Israel" rally at our state capitol in Montgomery, AL. I was extremely nervous, so nervous in fact that I refused to do any of the public speaking. I had scheduled several very qualified speakers and enlisted my husband to help introduce and lead the rally.

It was a beautiful expression and call for the public to rally around our friend Israel during these perilous times.

The blowing of the shofar from the state capitol building steps was an awakening call for everyone to come together despite our differences in support of Israel.

The rally was a complete success and many of my fears had been eliminated. By the day's end, I had grown in confidence and strength. 

Knowing that people have been inspired or emboldened at one of my events has been a gift. Taking a stand for something we believe in changes who we are and allows us to illuminate the path for others.

I believe there are pivotal moments in everyone's life where we are divinely inspired. These moments define who we are and fills up the space in our lives. Most things are out of our control, where we trust that a greater plan is in the works, but we also have to be proactive and utilize our own given potential.

Shouldn't we all speak out against hatred and injustice and lend the hand of friendship to our brethren?

Over time, I can see how each step I have taken has built on the previous one in order to lead me to where I am today.

My one small voice was multiplied into my family, then community, spreading out into the nation I call home and into other states, where I have helped others to organize and display their support for Israel.

When we all put our small voices together, it becomes a resounding roar. Let's all use our one small voice to love, support and protect the one and only Jewish State - Israel!

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Tags: Israel Engagement, Advocacy, Diaspora, Tradition, Home Featured Articles