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Join us in a global effort to commemorate the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising by raising your Israeli flag, wherever you are in the world!!!!

The dream of my life has risen to become fact. Jewish self-defense in the ghetto will have been a reality. Jewish armed resistance and revenge are facts. I have been a witness to the magnificent, heroic fighting of Jewish men in battle. Mordechai Anielewicz

On April 19th, 2013, exactly 70 years ago, Jewish men and women determined to fight with pride, waved flags to symbolize the onset of their courageous resistance against the Nazis who sought to destroy the Jewish People.

Join us as we wave Israeli flags in commemoration of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

See how our global community of Virtual Citizens of Israel™ raised their Israel Flag to mark the onset of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising represents courage, unity of destiny and the leadership inherent in the Jewish people from our outset.

Painting by Israel Bernbaum, survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Every year, the Jewish nation honors the memory of our fallen soldiers on Yom HaZikaron, Israel Memorial Day and we celebrate our independent Jewish State on Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israel Independence Day

Israel Forever is proud to be a part of helping people around the world feel more connected to these events and to understanding their personal significance as we protect the legacy of our national story - from Holocaust to renewal, from exile to independence.

In honor of this 70 year anniversary, we hope you will join us in an annual celebration of the uprising that emerged from the depths of ghetto and continues to call out to the world as a legacy of Jewish dignity and resilience.

As a testimony to their courage and commitment, RAISE YOUR FLAG in memory of this momentous event as we mark the 4 weeks of the historical uprising between April 19 - May 8.

“It is a necessity… an imperative, due to the historical truth and the legacy that our generation will bequeath to those who will come after us, to speak not only of the loss…but also to reveal, in its fullest scope, the heroic struggle of the people, the community and the individual, during the days of massacre and at the very epicentres of destruction.” Yitzhak Antek Zuckerman, a hero of Jewish resistance, and a leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Raise Your Flag and share in the legacy!

Send photos of you and your flag with your message of remembrance to be displayed in our gallery of commitment -

"A flag, what is that? A stick with a rag on it? No, sir, a flag is more than that. With a flag one can lead men wherever one wants to, even into the Promised Land. For a flag men will live and die." Theodore Herzl.

The Fight for a Legacy: Jewish Resistance in Warsaw

The Voice of Resistance: Readings for Raise your Flag Reflections


The number 70, the gematria of the Hebrew letter ע, has great significance in Judaism and in Jewish History:

  • 70 Descendants of Noah
  • 70 Languages and nations of the world after the Tower of Babel
  • 70 Ethnic tribes that lived within the Land of Israel before it was given to the Jewish people by God
  • 70 Members of Jacob's family that came to Egypt
  • 70 Elders of the Jewish nation
  • 70 Faces of the Torah
  • 70 Members of the Sanhedrin
  • 70 Years in the Life of King David
  • 70 Years between the destruction of the first and construction of the Second Temple
  • 70 Year (CE) of the Destruction of the Second Temple
  • 70 Number of scribes who translated the Septuagint
  • 70 Number of date-palms at the Israelites' encampment following the incident at Marah

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Tags: Holocaust, Memory