Running for the Front Line of Democracy

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By Kasim Hafeez

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I've run a few half-marathons, but the last one was over 3 years ago and let's say I've not kept myself in the best of shape and my closest friends happen to be Ben and Jerry!

So as I began preparing for the Jerusalem Half Marathon, things were going well, until when in the end of September, I fractured my ankle in a freak accident. I was able to run again, still with some pain in December.

I had no intention of quitting, simply because the cause I'm doing it for is too important. I will cross that finish line on March 1st. The cause - Lone Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces. I wanted to do something to support them as these lone soldiers have become increasingly close to my heart.

I have the utmost respect for the Israeli soldiers of the IDF. These youngsters of 18 who leave their families to defend their home, to defend all citizens of Israel against the terror and hatred of her enemies.

So when I read many months ago about lone soldiers, many of whom volunteer from overseas or make Aliyah and join the IDF, I couldn't help but be inspired by them.

40% of Lone Soldiers serve in combat units.
They didn't have to come to Israel and join the IDF. They made the choice.
They put their lives directly on the line for the people and the State of Israel.
They spend Shabbat and holidays without their parents.
They have to deal with the multitude of stress being in a military that is constantly fighting threats on all sides.

Since I started speaking up for Israel, I receive messages from people telling me how brave and courageous I am. As much as I appreciate the kind words, these men and woman are the brave and courageous ones.

Here we have young men and women, who see the vilification of the Israel Defence Forces that occurs in the media and on University campuses. Even with the vile lies, these individuals go to Israel, without parents in Israel, and volunteer to defend the Jewish state. 

The soldiers of the IDF aren't just on the front line of Israel, they stand in the front line of democracy and freedom.

So on March 1st, this is my small way of doing something for them. If you can donate anything, know that it will go towards telling the warriors of the IDF they are not alone!

And even if I have to crawl to cross the finish line, I WILL make it!!!

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Tags: Athletes4Israel, Jerusalem, Soldiers and Defense, Diplomacy, News, Community, Israel Engagement