Soldiers' Pride #IsraelUnderFire

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These statements were made to express support and solidarity for soldiers of the IDF, as they continue the terrifying fight for our freedom.

Survivors, soldiers, civilians and leaders all express in their own words what it means to know we are fighting to defend our existence in our homeland.

Read these statements alone or share and discuss them with family, friends, or your community - which ones resonate with you the most?

Share your own messages of support for and with our solders, and contact us if you are interested in other programs and materials for your community.

The ground action has begun...Boots on the ground in ‪#‎GAZA‬ - after days of missiles & over 1300 attacks on our citizens, our army has entered Gaza. May God watch over our sons... 

- Paula R. Stern

Whether currently serving or drafted for reserve duty, Israel's soldiers once again are faced with obligation to protect and serve our nation and her citizens - united by their hopes that, this time, military action might cease the ongoing barrage of missiles and the continued attacks against Israel and to eliminate the terrorist control over Gaza.

Our army is not a professional army. Our army is us. Our children. That's exactly the difference between our army and other armies. 

- Former MK Shelly Yachimovich

Our precious soldiers have had to go into Gaza to protect us. After days of constant rocket fire and numerous attempts of terrorists to enter our land via underground tunnels to commit terror attacks we have been left with no choice. I pray for all of our precious boys may they return home to their families quickly & safely. They are all true heroes; they protect us, the people of Israel, and Jews around the world. Our boys, our soldiers, take care - we love you all x

- Amanda Kemble

These soldiers are our sons, friends, brothers, husbands, my daughters's classmates. I pray that they complete their missions quickly, and ALL come back safely.

- Lizzy Elsby

Our prayers -- our hearts -- are with our IDF Soldiers tonight! United we stand in our commitment to our ‪#‎Jewish‬ Homeland, the one and only Jewish State of ‪#‎Israel‬.

- Carmen Gallitziano

"We all left behind wives and children. We have suffered the rockets for the past 14 years. It's unfortunate that they allowed them to continue firing them at Israel and even to reach Tel Aviv. It is intolerable. Our motivation is sky high and we will carry out any mission we are given."

One resident of the south, married and a father of four, said, "I am opposed to bloodshed, but because there is no one to talk to on the other side and they continue to bombard us, I knew that as soon as I was called up for service, I would go happily. They too have families on the other side, but there is no choice."

We always hope that our boys will never be called upon to go to war, but now that they are, I wish for all our boys: may their aim be true, their faith complete, their spirits high, their force overwhelming, their victory complete, their return home to be speedy and in good health. May they leave the enemy loathsome of ever raising a hand to us again, and may they be an instrument of exalting HaShem's name among His people and among mankind.

- Jeremy Staiman

A letter written by a young man, originally from Pennsylvania, serving as a lone soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces written to his mother on the way to his base:

I've been thinking a lot about the army lately, what I give to this country and what I get in return. The only thing I can think of that I give is my time. I give my time and in return I receive a life full of experiences and lessons.

I get food, sometimes a bed, but I'm more appreciative about those life experiences. The army has taught me that there is no liquid tastier than water.

I have learned to appreciate my sleep, and how at times to appreciate light.

I've learnt how far and how fast my body and my brain could work.

I learned all this and all I give is my time.

I have learnt how beautiful my country is, I have conquered it with my feet.

I love the heat, I love the cold, I love the trees and I love the sand.

I love this country and I shall give it my all.

Although sometimes I wish I could give a little more...

We will not consent to being victims - Shimon Peres

Israel and lovers of Israel - now is the time for strength, fierceness, and eventually, victory. We cannot succumb to fear or hysteria - that is just what the terrorists want. G-d is with us in this hour of trial.  

- Yishai Fleisher

To the Brave Men and Women of the IDF,

We thank you for your courage and your service. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you. We are grateful to you for defending our beloved Israel, our freedom and our values. We are so proud of you. Remember to dig deep - shine bright - and walk tall. The challenge is great - but you are greater.

- Susan Kone

I hope that every innocent Palestinian stays safe. I hope that the IDF destroys those who want to kill us.

- Kay Wilson, terror survivor

The silence outside is deafening. it is as if an entire town -- country -- is holding its breath waiting for this to be over with no disasters and a minimal loss of life on both sides.
- Faye Bittker, Beersheva

May He who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, bless the members of Israel's Defense Forces and it's security services who stand guard over our land and the cities of our God from the Lebanese border to the Egyptian desert, from the Mediterranean Sea to the approach of the Aravah, and wherever else they are, on land, in air and at sea. May the LORD make the enemies who rise against us be struck down before them. May the Holy One, blessed be He, protect and deliver them from all trouble and distress, affliction and illness, and send blessing and success to all the work of their hands. May He subdue our enemies under them and crown them with deliverance and victory. And may there be fulfilled in them the verse, "It is the LORD your God who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to deliver you." And let us say: Amen.

There is an ancient practice of pairing physical and spiritual efforts in our hope to achieve peace for Israel. Now you can be paired with a single soldier going into battle with the The Shmira Project and strengthen your connection through acts of kindness, prayer or Torah learning to increase the soldier’s spiritual merit and protection!

When you approach the battle, the kohen shall come near, and speak to the people. And he shall say to them: "Hear, O Israel, today you are approaching the battle against your enemies. Let your hearts not be faint; you shall not be afraid, and you shall not be alarmed, and you shall not be terrified because of them. For the L-rd, your G-d, is the One Who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you..."
– Deuteronomy 20:2-4

These are our boys, and tonight, as we sleep peacefully, they will be inside the gates of Gaza, within the encampment of Hamas, the sworn enemy of Am Yisrael. Please take just a minute to watch this video & think of them, the unimaginable risks & dangers they are facing, the courage they must summon, the loved ones they must leave behind, in order to defend our nation. It is only because of the sacrifices that these גיבורים are willing to make that we all - whether in Israel itself or still in exile in galut - are able to live our lives, freely and with pride & dignity, both as individuals, and part of our miraculously reborn Jewish nation. They are the true heroes of Israel.

May אלוקי ישראל watch over them at all times, bless them with success in their mission, protect them from our enemies, and return them home, speedily, in joy, triumph & good health. Daniel Reichwald

Join us in showing the world that we all stand proud, in solidarity with Israel!

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