The game is not over – we've actually just starting to play

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by Yifa Segal

"It's pointless", "it's a lost battle", why even bother"… those are examples for responses I've been hearing a lot since established the International Legal Forum (ILF), a pro-active legal coalition, fighting for human rights in the international arena.

UN Security Council Resolution vote on resolution 2334

About a year ago I've made a strategic decision, we need to start raising true issues of human rights in arenas formally, and even presently, are almost absent of Jewish or Israeli voices, much like other groups around the world who are in true need of protection and are virtually ignored by the international community. Arenas like the United Nations and the European Union. The human rights issue has unfortunately developed into a weapon for those wishing to destroy the Jewish states and promote antisemitism, hatred and discrimination. The discourse has been kidnapped by those cynically using the terminology of human rights to masquerade their true intent.

This strategy has been in play for several decades now, and its success is something we all feel, strongly, in our everyday lives. In the media, in resolutions taken by foreign countries and international organizations, in colleges, in the streets and so on. It's been so successful that it seems it has taken root and become an axiom, or even fact in the eyes of many around the world.

We need to take responsibility for what's happened to us. This phenomena has been known to many of us for years, and yet we did very little to fight it, virtually allowing it to grow to its current dimensions.

Chaim Herzog speaking at the UN in 1975

What was done, can be undone. True, there are many anti-Semites, always has been and always will be, and it is those people that we are really up against. In my work I have met with many of these diplomates, leaders of human rights organizations and various types of decision makers. Many of them operate with good intentions, but with a deep misconception. It is our job to prevent and correct these misconceptions. Raising true issues of human rights, showing proof, legal backing, adding to our credibility and exposing the lies.

It was easy for those deceivers until now, as they were alone in the "battlefield", the new battlefield of information, and could have easily work in a monopoly-like fashion. There was hardly anyone who contradicted them or exposed them, certainly not in real-time.

We need to show strength, be smart, fast and work together. The ILF was able to achieve many things people deemed impossible when we first started, we made a difference in almost every single place around the world. We have teamed up with like-minded groups and individuals of different faiths and geographical background – you'll be amazed when truly fighting for human rights, how many will stand up and fight with you. There are numerous groups who are in need of protection in today's world, we support and help each other, professionally and honestly.

We haven't lost the war, we are actually just stepping up to the field. The strength is in the numbers, it's in our resolve, our creativity and unity.

Attorney Yifa Segal is currently the Director of the International Legal Forum (ILF),a non-profit a proactive legal hub for lawyers, organizations and activists from all over the world, providing them with the knowledge, strategic planning, research and international network needed in order to effectively fight against human rights violations, radical ideologies, terror and the BDS movement.


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Tags: Advocacy, United Nations, Legal Rights