To Our Friends Around the World

Dear friends,

Throughout the ages Israel has been a source of inspiration for many people, for different people. Israel is supposed to be a source of inspiration, an example to the world of the positive possibilities that can exist: if you are able to dream them, they can come true.

To those who battle Antisemitism alongside us, support our rights to live free in our ancestral homeland and believe in the right of self-determination for the Jewish people, we express our thanks. All of these should be obvious rights, basic human rights, but for some reason (for many reasons), when it comes to Jews, these come into question by many and thus your support is not taken for granted.

ALL people that come in friendship are welcome at The Israel Forever Foundation.

Please keep in mind that all the material we produce is geared towards strengthening Jewish identity and connection to Israel. If you find this beneficial to you as well, that is wonderful. Israel is for you too – but it is our heart and home. We ask all visitors to respect that. If you come to this site in order to learn more about Israel, you are very welcome.

If you have come here to learn more about yourself through better understanding of Israel and Jewish legacy, you are very welcome.

Israel has different relationships with the nations of the world, based on respect for or affinity with our faith, traditions and culture and reflecting various eras and aspects of our ancient history.

Many of our non-Jewish friends are Christians who feel connected through their faith. Christian legacy is rooted in Judaism and, as such, it is very important that Christians stand with Israel. When our connection to Israel is called into question, so is that of the Christian world.

When our connection to our holy sites, particularly the Temple Mount and Me’arat Machpelah, (the Tomb of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hevron), is denied, the history of Christianity is also being denied – because Christian roots are borne from Jewish history. Comments, however, that are deemed to be proselytizing will be removed. People that abuse our goodwill will be banned. This is a place of friendship and mutual respect.

Israel has a very special relationship with the people of India, who are not connected to Israel through religion or shared historical roots, but who have held Jews in high regard out of our commitment to our identity as a nation. India is perhaps the only country on earth that has had a vibrant Jewish community, unplagued by the scourge of Antisemitism. Both countries have an ancient legacy and while, very different from us, in many ways the people of India have many characteristics similar to the people of Israel – this is a familiarity of the spirit that can be seen in the comfortable relationships between individuals of both nations who feel at home with the other.

African nations have also shared a fascinating relationship with Israel, one that is deepening further as a result of contemporary advancements. When Israel was newly re-established, she reached out to assist African nations. While the superpowers of the time only saw Africa as a place to mine wealth, Israel saw people with whom it would be worthwhile to build relationships. People who, with some assistance, could rise up and more promising future for the next generations. Today Israel is helping Africa rise in a way that no other nation on earth is – bringing technology, clean water, animal conservation, medicine, security and more.

Perhaps the most interesting development is citizens of Arab and Muslim nations who have been looking to Israel as an inspiring example of freedom and success in a region that does not encourage either. This is mainly an underground movement, one that is not socially acceptable and thus not often seen publicly but it is a welcome indication of changing times.

We have a deep appreciation of our friends. Christians, Muslims and other non-Jews that come here with open hearts and minds, searching for knowledge and inspiration are more than welcome.

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