To say the situation is serious is an understatement

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By Alan Silver

The situation here in Israel is really not good and perhaps much more serious than one can believe.

There is so much unrest happening at the moment, and all incident cannot and are not being reported. I am seeing so many incidents happening and it is as if nothing has happened.

People are suffering from fright, trauma, and life threatening situations every day. This is not normal. Many people are suffering damage to their cars, their property, their homes, and their lives, and nothing is really being done to stop it. I'm not sure anything can be done to stop it, other than to realize that Israel is, I think fighting for its life.

Under the current conditions and law, our soldiers cannot defend our citizens and the only way I see it is if a state of emergency is declared and perhaps even martial law imposed on the whole country.

That would give our military the full weight of doing their work properly without the threat of High Court judgments and the rest. When a part of the country has begun to take on things that are beyond the law, it's called lawlessness ans if that is the way they choose the rules to be, then so be it, and the current laws would be frozen and martial law would replace it and would change the playing field by levelling it.

One of our ex police chiefs called on all citizens to arm themselves and those that have legal weapons, to carry them all the time. This is not simple, but there are no other alternatives to the current situation. It can only get worse and deteriorate into anarchy, and that we have to try and prevent at all costs.

We have to turn to our sole protector G-d, and ask him to defend us from what could be ahead. We have to set time aside and turn to Him and pray like we have never done so before. We have to strengthen our learning, faith and keeping of out Holy Torah (Shabbat, Kashrut, Love for our fellow Jew, and others...) that would give G-d a reason to help us out of the current situation.

This posting is meant to be a callup of all Jews and all the peoples of the world, to take a stand and stand up and be counted as a defender of the Jewish people. The possession of our land is not the real reason of this conflict, but the very existence of the Jewish people, is the reason for this conflict. There was no occupation, as it is called today, in 1929 when Arab Muslims, murdered in cold blood the Jewish community in Hevron. So what was their reason then?

This whole conflict is about our existence, our survival. Now, is the time for everyone in the world to stand up for the axis of GOOD, and in that way, turn things around and destroy the axis of EVIL.

The media is playing the Satanic part and turning the whole world upside down. They portray good as evil and evil as good. One has to only see the way every situation in the world, and especially in Israel, is portrayed in the headlines on a daily basis.

Let everyone take a stance for good, and start turning the tide of good over evil. It's not too late yet. It's the only option left to mankind.

And what will this world be without the Jewish people, the Jewish nation and it's contribution to mankind? We have always been a "light to the nations", throughout history, even in the darkest times, and so it is time for all of us to wake up to the truth about what is really going on in this world.

May Israel come out of this situation, unharmed, and a better people than before.

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Tags: Terror, Antisemitism, Israel Under Fire, Take Action