Virtual Citizens of Israel™, March of The Living and Yom Ha'Atzmaut

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All over the world, people are getting ready to celebrate Yom Ha'Atzmaut, the birthday of the State of Israel.

The streets of Israel and in communities across the globe will come alive with the joy and pride that the Jewish people, friends and supporters around the world share as we honor the one and only Jewish state in the world.

In the spirit of our shared mission, The Israel Forever Foundation is proud to welcome all March of the Living Virtual Citizens of Israel to carry on the legacy of those who perished in the Holocaust, to always stand proud and connected with our past and our future.

Following their arrival from Poland, after their most meaningful experience on the March of the Living participants will gather at Kikar Safra in Jerusalem for music and fun before marching to the Kotel, the second leg of the March of the Living experience. For many, this is their last day in Israel on their March of the Living journey and Israel Forever is proud to give everyone the opportunity to celebrate their commitment to Israel on her birthday.

The festivities continue at Latrun where the participants enjoy a visit to this special landmark of Israel's fight for independence and a BBQ, before the gala event of a light and sound show, ripe with every possible song to show their love for Israel.

Dr Shmuel Rosenman, March of the Living World Chair stated, "Declaring one’s commitment to Israel by becoming a Virtual Citizen of Israel™ will further confirm and strengthen a stronger bond with Israel and her people.

With increasing Anti-Semitic attacks occurring worldwide and daily assaults against the State of Israel, this global community is timely and serves as a meaningful way for not only March of the Living participants, but for all people in countries around the world to declare their commitment to a strong future for Israel.”

"The partnership between the March of the Living and The Israel Forever Foundation, two organizations committed to education and providing living learning experiences, is a natural transition between the experience in Poland, the experience in Israel, and the continued commitment of MOTL participants to the future of the Jewish People and the Jewish State," shared Dr. Elana Yael Heideman, Executive Director of The Israel Forever Foundation, Holocaust scholar and long-time educator on the March of the Living.

Our collective hope is that the March of the Living Virtual Citizens of Israel™ will represent the victims of the Holocaust, to pay tribute to the longing expressed even from within the ghettos and the gas chambers from which the echoes of Hatikvah can still be heard, and to honor those survivors who came to the Land of Israel to fight for the creation of a Jewish state in our one and only ancestral homeland.

For further information, or to connect your MOTL group or district and keep them engaged with Israel long beyond their experience, please contact Dr. Elana Heideman at

In the spirit of a shared commitment to the continuity of the Jewish People and the future of the State of Israel, this Yom Ha'atzmaut we invite all March of the Living alumni around the globe to become Virtual Citizens of Israel™.


"Never Forget" is only as good as the action we take to prevent it.

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Tags: VCI, Holocaust, Yom Haatzmaut, Israel Engagement