Who is A Soldier?

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By Laura Parienti

Who is a soldier? According to Wikipedia a soldier is one who fights as part of an organized armed force. According to other sources a soldier is a person who is in the military. But that isn't completely true.

A soldier is not just one person who fights in an armed force or just someone who is in the army. That doesn’t even come close to the actual definition of a soldier. A soldier is someone who is willing to sacrifice his own life for the protection of his country and its citizens. Is someone who is willing to train every single day, without enough rest, without enough food, following their superiors’ orders, without missing one of them, someone who is discipline not just inside the base but also outside it.

IDF soldiers leave Gaza after Operation Cast Lead (Photo: Reuters)

But now, a soldier in the Jewish Army is so much more. A soldier fighting in the Israeli army is someone who has to be in alert every single second, minute, hour of every single day and night, for any possible threat. They are someone who is mature enough to know that if he doesn’t defend their homeland, then their homeland could disappear. They are someone that knows that if they are not willing to risk it all for our Eretz, then Israel can be wiped out from the map. Being a soldier is not just someone who is in the military, they are someone who gives their life for the country they are fighting for.

We are one country, one nation, praying for the protection of our soldiers, even if we don’t know them. Every single day. We only have one country which is surrounded by many others who crave our destruction every day. Being a soldier in our country is not an easy task, we can never imagine all the hard work they do to protect us.

Israeli soldiers at the Mount Herzl military cemetery. Credit Abir Sultan/European Press photo Agency

We remember our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, and friends, who fell protecting our tiny country. An Israeli soldier is truly someone who fights not because they hate what’s in front of them, but because they love what they left behind… We are one nation, with one heart. There are no words to thank them for their heroic acts defending our one and only homeland. We say thank you to them for every second they were fighting for Eretz Israel.

We certainly, will never forget the heroism, courage, and bravery of our 23,741 soldiers. We remember.

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Laura Parienti
Laura Parienti was born in Paris, France but raised in Panama City, Panama. Laura has a huge love for Israel and the soldiers who protect it. To show them this admiration she created an Instagram account named @idflover. Israel is her identity through and through.

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Tags: Soldiers and Defense, Community, Israel Engagement, Zionism