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Hope from Ashdod by Sara Merson

Some frightful things that have been going on here in Ashdod, Israel the past week. This is the reality of whats going on here.

Over 1000 rockets have been sent to Israel from Hamas in Gaza. Even after the "cease fire," Hamas continued to send rockets our way.

We are fortunate here to have the "Iron Dome" anti-missile system to intercept some of them, but without it, these rockets would land in heavily populated civilian areas and many would be killed.

The Israeli government and the IDF are doing all they can to protect it's citizens from the barrage of rockets coming from Gaza. I have faith in this country, its military, and its people.

Please share with your friends, and עם ישראל חי.

Please join us in our effort to say THANK YOU to the Iron Dome, the engineers, the soldiers, and the success of our "security fence in the sky."

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