Reporting for Duty: IDF Tanker

Tags: Soldiers and Defense, Israel Engagement

I'm Hananya, an IDF soldier. When I was young I always wanted to see what tank looks like on the inside, and how does a crew manage to control this deadly machine humans created. That's what inspired me to bring the GoPro with me to the field, and film what it's like being in a tank crew, being part of a team.

Being part of a tank crew means a few things:
1. You forget about yourself because you have 3 more soldiers to live with inside the tank.
2. You get to know your crew more than any human being on earth.
3. You put your complete trust on them to be able to fight with them when needed.

So in this video I try my best to show how a tank crew works together, through the lens on my GoPro: how we act together, drive and train. We were taught in the military that if we don't work on our tank on a regular basis, we will not survive in the next war. When I look back to what happened in Gaza, I absolutely agree that tankers must love their tank to work in it. During the war I knew that I can go to sleep safely because my fellow soldiers would do their job just as I did mine - I trust them with my life.

It is a huge blessing to serve the country, using one of the best tanks in the world. Here's another perspective on the tank crew.

Every year, young men and women from around the world come to serve in the Israeli army - their stories, experiences, and reflections serve to inspire as an example of selfless giving in service of our one and only Jewish State.

Check out the Lone Soldier Project Today!

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Tags: Soldiers and Defense, Israel Engagement

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