The Truth Behind the IDF

Tags: Soldiers and Defense, Israel Engagement, Law

Most people around the world watch or read the news, right? But what if the news isn't telling the truth? What if those famous channels and websites choose to show from a point of view that will draw more viewers and more attention, rather than caring about the truth behind a story or situation? This is constantly present with reporting on Israel and specifically, the actions of the IDF.

Most people around the globe don't actually know that the IDF is not an organization of killers - most people innocently watch TV and take what they watch as a fact and at face value. Unfortunately, much of the news surrounding the IDF is false and that is why I decided to expose the truth.

I want to show the world - with your help - that the IDF, that the State of Israel, doesn't take innocent lives.

A story of a kid being killed by an organized army might sound really bad to most, and draw a lot of cursing toward Israel, when in fact, the reality on the ground is quite different, oftentimes the opposite. How do I know? The Israeli army works according to a code called, "The spirit of the IDF", our code of ethics.

It might be new to you, and to probably to most, but this is our mission, to let people know the truth about the Israeli Army and Israel!

We are not killers. As an IDF soldier who was in the Gaza War last summer, I can say I love people, I love Arabs and I love human beings. I'm not looking to kill people. I act according to the codes the army told me to go by, the codes which are shown in the video.

I hope you enjoyed watching and don't forget to spread the message, to spread the truth! We can make a change!

Every year, young men and women from around the world come to serve in the Israeli army - their stories, experiences, and reflections serve to inspire as an example of selfless giving in service of our one and only Jewish State.

Check out the Lone Soldier Project Today!

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Tags: Soldiers and Defense, Israel Engagement, Law

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