Get Involved

Inspire Israel™: Ways To Get Involved

Inspire Israel™ in others by interacting and engaging in community-wide activities that celebrate and strengthen your personal connection to Israel!

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Here are some activities to keep Israel FOREVER at your fingertips,
in your heart and in your life!

Create awareness campaigns for Lone Soldiers to be shared in schools, congregations and communities.

Here are some ideas:
- Posters
- Video messages 
- Social media posts
- Letters and/or emails of support

A community-wide fundraiser to Draft Kits for soldiers entering the army.

Here are some kit ideas: 
- Socks for Lone Soldiers - Walking, Hiking, Marching...On Their Feet All Day!
- Calling cards to help keep Lone Soldiers in touch with their families.

Create an Israel garden and Plant Israel at Home™. Watch your love for Israel grow forever!

Here are some ideas on where to plant Israeli Dorbanit wildflower seeds:
- A Jewish retirement community
- At a Jewish day camp
- Synagogue
- School 
- Jewish Community Center
- Decorate planters with an Israeli Flag

Celebrate your Israel memories and your ongoing Diaspora connection with Israel! All memories will be showcased in our global community memory project online!

Here are some ideas on discovering and sharing favorite Israel memories:
- Visit with elderly Jews and interview them about their memories related to Israel.
- Have they ever visited? Do they remember the birth of the state?
- Interview your friends, family, rabbis and teachers.
- Capture these favorite memories with videos, sound or by writing them out!

Listen and learn Israeli music heard throughout Israel and the Jewish world.

Here are some ideas on singing Israeli music in your community:
- Host a music program for Jewish youth with disabilities
- Create a Jewish after-school choir
- Put together a social gathering to dance and sing along to Israeli music

There is no closer connection to Israel than cooking up delicious Israeli recipes!

Here are some ideas for Cooking Israel at Home:
- Cook healthy Israeli recipes to donate to a community center, a homeless shelter, or even a summer camp.
- Learn new Israeli favorites for Shabbat.
- Try your hand at cooking Israeli recipes from scratch.
- Bring Israeli flavors into your home, school and community for the Jewish holidays.

Through Israeli literature, discover your connection and passion for Israel!

Here are some ideas for Reading Israel:
- Join the Reading Israel™ Book Club.
- Create a community or local book club.
- Sponsor a day of Reading Israeli writers throughout history for kids, the elderly, or the general community.