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Quotes from Past Students:

Now, a year passed since my unforgettable experience at the Institute for Law & Policy of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I remember with great pleasure and warm feelings the days spent in Jerusalem.

The benefits I drew from my visit to Jerusalem are triple-sided. First, I had an opportunity to be in an academic environment of Hebrew University and participate in the lectures of professors. The lectures helped to gain first hand insight into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and learn useful tactics and strategies of dealing in international conflicts. Second, I had an opportunity to draw lessons by witnessing a unique culture of coexistence in Jerusalem. It was really interesting to see how people of different nationalities, religions etc. try to live together and overcome the problems they face because of that very cultural diversity. And last but not least I had an opportunity to be in the holy city and feel close to the origins of my religion.

Thus my visit to Jerusalem and summer program at the Institute for Law & Policy armed me with unique experience and knowledge I continue to use in my academic path and professional activities.

Liana Hovhannisyan

First of all I would like to thank you one more time for the opportunity you gave us to take part in the amazing program in the Hebrew University. I am so impressed about the program that I keep speaking about it till this time and every day.

The program provided me with high knowledge about Biblical Holy land of Israel, about its rich culture and history. I have been in several European countries, but what I saw and felt in Israel, especially in Jerusalem, is incomparable. Every inch of the country is a piece of art. Every person throughout the world should and has to visit to Israel.

Now about the educational program. I have taken 2 courses, which are as followed: “Legal Aspects of the Middle East Conflict” taught by Prof. Robbie Sabel and “Human Rights Challenges” taught by Prof. Kretzmer. I am very impressed about both programs as they provided us with huge and detailed knowledge about the Arab-Israeli conflict and the role of human rights in Israel as one of the biggest challenges and most important issues that Israel faces today. Both programs were full of examples, analytical arguments, and constructive thoughts. The professors gave us opportunities to express our thoughts freely, to ask various questions and to get the best and appropriate answers. So, combining the rest and education, it was my best experience during my life. Thank you !!!

Alik Sargsyan

I would like to say that the Summer program provided by the Institute for Law and Policy was a great opportunity for me to become familiar with the Israeli history, the Middle-East conflict and its legal implications. Before that, I was not so much aware about the history of Israel. The trips that you have conducted to various places were very exciting and I learned a lot. Also I would like to add that the courses were very beneficial. The teaching style of the instructors was also an important feature since they could promote us in engaging in numerous discussions about the legal aspects of the Middle-East conflict and etc. I am very thankful for all the organizers of this program since the experience that I got from it was very helpful and beneficial for my future career.

Aneta Harutyunyan

Testimonials from Professors:

The Institute for Law & Policy has a very rich academic program and has many opportunities not only for in-class learning but also hands on debate, discussion and so on. It is an exciting opportunity for practitioners and students to be exposed and to immerse themselves in some of the key legal policy regulatory issues and challenges that face israel and other countries around the world today.

Prof. Tome Broude

I think a unique advantage of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has is that we have students and faculty from all over the world, Jews and Arabs, who have real hands-on experience in the Middle East conflict and in some cases an intent to try to solve the conflict

Prof. Robbie Sabel

The program content ranges on one hand from key issues of economics, trade, investment, innovation, hi-tech, intellectual property- all of which relate very strongly to Israel's challenges in the global economy today.

Prof. Tomer Broude

I can think of no better place in the world other than Jerusalem to study the issues that are offered in the Institute for Law & Policy.

Prof. Tomer Broude

Jerusalem, with its rich history, religious diversity and political centrality, is one of the most exciting places in the world to study international law, conflict resolution and human rights. Our Summer Institute offers oversea participants a rich introduction to the issues confronting us here in Israel, in the top-notch and pluralistic academic environment of Hebrew University Law Faculty.

Prof. Yuval Shany

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