Building Israel

Building Israel

The building of Israel has been an ongoing project for thousands of years. From Biblical times and spanning the generations of exile, the Jewish devotion to re-establishing a sovereign Jewish state has never faltered.

The settlement and cultivation of the Land, the contributions of Jews throughout the Diaspora, the development of communities with each new wave of immigration each represent a different component of the building of a Jewish State.

To this day, the country is changing and progressing quickly, attempting to maintain a balance between our history and our contributions to the future of Israel.

We look forward to engaging you with the:

  • Historical development of ideas for building Israel
  • Conceptions of Settlement: The kibbutz, The Moshav, and the City Centers
  • Innovations in government: The development of the laws of the State
  • Expanding into the desert: Focus on the Negev and Arava
  • Technology and Science: Building through innovation

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Israeli Technology: A World of Success

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