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A Hanukkah gift from Israel Forever

Tags: Land and Nature, Chanukah, Holidays, Judaism

By Israel Forever

One for each night, they shed a sweet light. Here is our gift of eight Hanukkah videos for you and your friends and family to share. Watch them as your candles are burning bright. Happy Holidays from The Israel Forever Foundation.

1. Rube Goldberg Chanukiya lighting

A Rube Goldberg machine is a deliberately over-engineered or overdone machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction.

Hanukkah is the holiday of miracles and here is another one.

Prepare to be amazed!

2. Watch behind the scenes

Go into an engineering laboratory at the Technion! Watch how Technion students from the Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management faculties built the Rube Goldberg machine that lit the Chanukah menorah.

3. A Bisel of Chanukah

A Bissel of Chanukah takes a lighthearted look at the things we commonly speak about during this festive time. Jewish Care Victoria residents give their views on how to spell Chanukah, how we light the candles and what makes a good latke?

4. Kipa Lev For Chanukah

Israel’s take on the boy band Chanukah treats of music and parody. The young men can sing, twirl that dreidel and set a table (every woman’s dream). Enjoy the classic Hebrew tune with the cute boy band twist.

5. Light Up The Night - Fountainheads Chanukah

Sing along with the Fountainheads! View Lyrics

Light up the night, beat back the shadows. Knowin' the world's gonna light up for you. Light up the night, dance till the morning. Spinnin' it up, Wo oh oh oh!

6. Hanerot Halalu

This song states that our sole intent in kindling Hanukkah lights is to publicize the miracle, and thus it is forbidden to use the lights in any other way.

7. Benji Lovitt Chanukah from Jerusalem Streets

As a new immigrant comedian, here’s a throwback video of Benji Lovitt roaming the streets of Jerusalem trying to figure his way through Chanukah in Israel. Although it seems that his antics may confuse Israelis more than help the world to understand our holiday of miracles.

8. Mi Yimalel - Who Can Retell?

Sing along: View Lyrics

Who can retell the things that befell us, Who can count them? In every age, a hero or sage, Came to our aid. Hark! In this time of year in days of Yore. Maccabees the Temple did restore. And tonight our people as we dream. Will arise, unite, and be redeemed.

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Keep the light of Israel burning for generations to come!

Tags: Land and Nature, Chanukah, Holidays, Judaism

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