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Cooking Israel For Purim

Purim requires us to perform 4 specific mitzvot: 
  1. Megillah, the “scroll” - the reciting of the Purim story
  2. Matanot l’evyonim, “gifts to the poor”- the giving of tzedakah
  3. Mishloach manot, “sending gifts” - distributing gifts of food to friends. 
  4. Mishteh, “party” - having a festive meal of delicious foods (and drink of course!)
Half of these involve food, so let’s get cooking!

Worldwide, the classic favorite for Purim is oznei haman, Hebrew for “Haman’s ears”.

You might be more familiar with the Yiddish name hamantaschen, “Haman’s pockets”. People say that this name possibly is from the similar sound between Haman and the German word for poppy seed, mohn - mohn-taschen being a popular delicacy - and poppy seed remains a popular filling in these treats to this day.

Additionally, some people say that it is supposed to be reminiscent of Haman’s fancy three-cornered hat.

But whatever the reason - ears, pockets, hats, or something else - we can all agree that they are delicious!

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